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Contained within this site are useful resources to help you study Geography. Remember the goal of Geography is to understand the world around us, our environment and the way that humans interact with their surroundings. This site has been created for free by Rob Gamesby in my spare time, and you can contact me at

This site has changed! GCSE students for the current spec click on GCSE in the toolbar then GCSE to 2016, A level click on A level then A level to 2016

Stressing about getting ready for GCSE 2016? can help

For just £150 a year access the Exclusive Teacher Subscription area WRITTEN for the NEW AQA (but also covering MOST of Edexcel content too) GCSE Geography syllabus 2016 featuring;

  1. Full schemes of work for all topics - all 6 already on line*
  2. Detailed Individual Lesson PowerPoints and resources to cover all syllabus content linking to schemes of work
  3. Assessments & Mark schemes for all units based on AQA samples
  4. A free E-book for student revision and homework activities - NO NEED FOR AN EXPENSIVE TEXTBOOK - unlike a book it will also be updated ANNUALLY. You can GIVE YOUR STUDENTS pdf copies of the book
  5. Lessons follow FREE website content for your students (on the new improved coolgeography)
  6. Lesson materials cover a huge range of learning styles

Resubscriptions only £100 in teh second year

EMAIL for an invoice:  

"..very much enjoying use of your resources - we have found your work an excellent starting point. ...practical, skills based activities that really got the boys thinking" Mr Sampson, Harrow School

"Hi Rob, Only just started to look through your resources for the new GCSE. They are amazing! Best £150 I ever spent. I feel a huge weight lifting off my shoulders. Thank you very much!!" Martin Webster, Thornden School

I have just had a gander at your resources - they look amazing. Huge respect and appreciation to you for creating and sharing such resources! I look forward to using them later this year as we start the new GCSE! You have saved myself and my department hundreds of hours

Margaret Williams, Lostock Hall High

"If you teach any Geography at all - you need this subscription! Detailed and  meticulously follows exam spec, Case studies are up to date and engaging.  Save yourself hundreds of hours of work. You'd be mad not to sign up."  Mrs Suzanne Dawson
Head of Geography, Parkview School

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* All 6 GCSE units now covered except 3 of the option units - energy resources, water resources and cold environments.  These will be added at a later date.

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