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About the Advanced Level course


We have opted to go with AQA's Advanced level course now that all of the courses have been modified.  We have done so because their course offers the best balance between human and physical geography, has good traditional Geography at its core whilst still incorporating newer concepts and contemporary issues.  it also offers lots of opportunities for fieldwork, which we will continue to provide as a department.  The topics are listed below, in Unit 1 you must do both Core elements plus at least one of the options from human and physical Geography. In unit 3 you must study 3 units, with at least one coming from the Human Geography and one from the Physical Geography.

You can download specimen papers from AQA's website here.

AS level A2 Level

Unit 1 – GEOG1

Physical and Human Geography

Physical Core - Rivers, floods and management
Options- Cold Environments OR Hot desert environments and their margins

Human Core - Global Population change
Options - Food supply issues OR Health Issues

70% of AS, 35% of A Level

2 hour written examination

120 marks

Structured short and extended questions

Unit 2 – GEOG2

Geographical Skills

30% of AS, 15% of A Level

1 hour written examination

50 marks

Structured skills and generic fieldwork questions

Unit 3 – GEOG3

Contemporary Geographical Issues

Physical Options - Plate Tectonics and associated hazards OR Weather and climate and associated hazards OR Challenges facing ecosystems

Human Options - World cities-evolution or revolution OR Development and Globalisation OR Contemporary conflicts and challenges

30% of A Level

2 hour 30 minutes written examination

90 marks

Structured short and extended questions, plus an essay

Unit 4 – either GEO4A Geography Fieldwork Investigation

or GEO4B Geographical Issue Evaluation

20% of A Level

1 hour 30 minutes written examination

60 marks

GEO4A – structured short and extended questions based on candidates’ fieldwork investigation and fieldwork skills.

GEO4B – structured short and extended questions based on an Advance Information Booklet, released on 1 November for January examinations and 1 April for June examinations.