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Rivers Controlled assessment - 2015
Your controlled assessment is worth 25% of your final grade.  This year's topic is on:

Investigate erosion and/or deposition in a river channel




2000 Words maximum

Introduction and methods – 800 words – in CLASSROOM CONTROLLED CONDITIONS

Data presentation (tables graphs etc) – in CLASSROOM  CONTROLLED CONDITIONS


Analysis, conclusions and evaluation – 1200 words – in EXAM STYLE CONTROLLED CONDITIONS



Research and theory Useful documents Methodology Location Presentation of results Analysis
Research & Theory
River channels effectively flow in drainage basins, and your task is to investigate the EROSION and DEPOSITION processes and evidence for these within those river channels.  You could measure characteristics shown on the diagrams below. 

The Bradshaw model characteristics should be affected by erosion and deposition and erosion/deposition will be affected by some of those characteristics. 

Long and cross profiles will also indicate which erosion and deposition processes are opccurring along the River Breamish in Northumberland National Park

Click on the image for a larger clearer version of the Long Profile diagram above
I have tried to collate all of the relevant theory pages here.

 You can investigate more on Drainage Basins, Long and cross profiles here.

For the erosion and deposition processes, you should explore the resources on this page.

Useful documents
The MARK SCHEME  - How we will mark your work

STUDENT version of mark scheme 

Evaluating the LOW CONTROL sections - self evaluation


Get a map of the River Breamish from Ordnance Survey

Links to a range of mapping resources

A map of the River Breamish - add our data collection sites to it

Watch a video - turn the sound right up OR use headphones

Click on the map to get a larger version


The data collection sheet

Power's scale of bedload roundness
Bedload shapes image - Power's scale used to show roundness of stones

Wikipedia article on sampling

Click on the image for a bigger clearer version
Resources for graphing
Blank spreadsheet to add your results to in data collation in class - 2013 version, I'll add the 2014 version AFTER your June fieldtrip - Right click and SAVE AS

Long Profile Excel file to use with Ordnance Survey map

An example of analysis on another topic - SAND DUNES - Watch a video of this - USE HEADPHONES to listen to the commentary
 2013 data collection sites

View River Breamish study map in a larger map



Photographs from the area, click on the photo to get a bigger, more refined image.

Site1_sml.jpg (4222 bytes)
Site 1 on Het Burn
Valley_sml.jpg (2889 bytes)
V-shaped valley in the upper course of the Breamish
VShaped_sml.jpg (3122 bytes)
V-shaped valley in the upper course of the
Breamish, on Linhope Burn
Bedload_sml.jpg (3777 bytes)
Typical bedload at site 1 on Het Burn

Bedload at site2 Near Linhope Spout

Bedload from site 1 - Het Burn

View towards site 2, below Linhope Spout waterfall

Site 1 on Het Burn
  Confluence_sml.jpg (3987 bytes)
Confluence of Het Burn and Linhope Burn
- near site 1
Waterfall2_sml.jpg (6437 bytes)
Linhope Spout waterfall
Callipers_sml.jpg (3163 bytes)
Measuring stones with callipers

River Breamish close to site

Measuring Velocity

Site 4 near a meander
Measuring2_sml.jpg (2292 bytes)
Site 7 on the river Breamish
River_sml.jpg (8631 bytes)
Collecting bed load
Above Linhope Spout waterfall
Depth_sml.jpg (2784 bytes)
Measuring_sml.jpg (3006 bytes)
Stones_sml.jpg (3000 bytes)
Measuring stones
Velocity_sml.jpg (2254 bytes)
Equipment_sml.jpg (3933 bytes)
The equipment used on the day


Oranges in full flow!
Furthest downstream
A site in the middle reaches

Bank erosion Downstream

Bank erosion next to car park

Bank sediment

Deposited bedlaod

Site in middle reaches

Outside of a meander bend

Rock armour against outer bend erosion

Tributary valley

View of U-shaped valley

View of V-shaped valley

Plan view of U-shaped valley
How to use maps

How to analyse graphs