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What is Globalisation? How is the world interdependent? 

Globalisation has meant the development of manufacturing and services across the world.

  ICT and globalisation

Call centres abroad.



The relative importance of manufacturing to different countries is changing.

Global changes in manufacturing

Government legislation and manufacturing

China as the new economic giant.


The increasing global demand for energy through sustainable and non sustainable developments.

The global demand for energy.

The social, economic and environmental impact of increased energy use.


Sustainable development must ensure that the environment is protected and that there are sufficient resources for future generations.

Renewable energy.

Pollution control and carbon reducing initiatives.

Ways of reducing the costs of globalisation


The global search to satisfy the increasing demand for food can have positive and negative repercussions.


Political potential for hostilities between countries over the control of water for irrigation.

Social impact of development of a cash crop farming on a subsistence economy.

Economic increase in rural debt due to the increasing need for fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. Creation of a cash income for farmers.

Campaign to encourage the increased use of locally produced food.