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Physical Landscapes Home Study

Free Home study resources  - Physical Landscapes in the UK

During the Corona Virus crisis these resources will allow you to study some Geography whilst at home.  It can be upsetting having your school closed and being restricted to your home.  Don't worry, life will go on and when the virus passes life will go back to normal.  The best things to do are to be kind and considerate to those around you, take care of the vulnerable, be helpful with your family and neighbours, and keep yourself productive and busy (doing Geography!!!). 

Each of the lessons below is designed to take around an hour.  Instructions;

  1. Download the worksheet and lesson PowerPoint
  2. Watch the video explainer and read the webpage before you start. 
  3. Attempt the activities, all of the answers are on the video explainers or the web pages.
  4. There are Quizlet sets at the bottom of each webpage, set up a Quizlet account and use these activities as a way of revising and reviewing your learning

Kind regards, Rob Gamesby

Overview Booklets:

Lesson Worksheets Booklet format

Pdf Chapter  - information on this topic



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