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World Population Distribution

gppycpd-12in.gif (58477 bytes)

The world's population is not evenly distributed, some areas have areas where lots of people live in a square kilometre (high population density) and others live in regions where few people live (low population density areas).  Look at the map above, it is a choropleth map of the World's population.  The darker the red colour the more people live in those regions.


1) Using the map above and the World Online Atlas
a) Where are the regions of high population density?
b) Where are the regions of low population density?
c) Why is that the case?

2a) Find out the population density of the following countries using the Earth Trends database
b) Explain their population density

c) Use the same website to find out how the UK's population density will change in the future.  What consequence will this have for the UK government?

3) Using the Nasa website select the 720x480 file format and watch the animation of changing population density.  Which areas experience a change in their population density and why?

Watch the US population increase!