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GCSE Revision page

Here are some valuable revision materials for the GCSE course.

Here is a word file of the Key words for this course

Try these exercises that I have put together for you

Case studies map

Case studies booklet

Past paper questions - HIGHER

Past paper questions -FOUNDATION

Downloadable PDF exam papers from Edexcel.  You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page. For Foundation papers select papers 1F and 2F. For Higher papers choose 3H and 4H

There are printable power point presentations available for all of the topics you have studied.  Try printing the questions version and attempt to answer the questions.

When you need assistance read the notes version.

Question version
Notes version


Question version


Question Version
Notes Version

Question Version
Notes version

Managing Urban Environments Managing Hazards


If you want extra materials use the Geography web page for the unit you are interested in.  You could also try the following external web pages