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The Natural World
Weather, Climate and Ecosystems

This unit should give you a basic understanding of world weather and the way it works.  Weather and climate affect all of our daily activities, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat.  The topics from the syllabus are listed below together with links you can follow to improve your understanding.

TempsGlobe.gif (79289 bytes)

1. Air Masses

2.  Relief, convection and Frontal Rainfall

3. Depressions

4. Anticyclones

5. Maritime & Continental Climates

6. Reading synoptic charts and weather maps

7. Global Distribution of Forest Ecosystems

8. Adaptations of Taiga Forests to climate

9. Adaptations of Tropical Rainforests to climate

10. Rainforest Exploitation

maphydrosphere.gif (124341 bytes)
Map of the world's major ocean currents, orange are warm currents, go to the Miami Ecolinks page for more information

Natural World Key Definitions