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Weather animations

General page on Weather animations from Wycombe High School


An animated guide to the formation of Hurricanes from the BBC.

Animation of the Saffir Simpson scale

Watch Hurricane movies from NASA

Track hurricanes from 2004 and 2005

The BBCs animated guide to Hurricane Katrina

Fronts and air movement

An exercise showing frontal animations

Types of rainfall animations from BBC bytesize

Watch this animation of Frontal Rainfall

Weather Systems

Excellent site showing an animation of how air moves in an anticyclone

View an animated sequence of the life cycle of  depression from the Met Office (at the bottom of the page)

The life cycle of a depression

Interactive weather map

Global Climate animations from the University of Oregon

Watch how the Earth's passage around the sun creates our seasons

Atmospheric air pressure animations at Juicy Geography

Watch a movie on how global warming works.

An animation on how global warming works