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Virtual earthquake simulator! you have to predict the earthquake!

Play the stop disasters game from the United Nations Cyber School bus site!

Have a go at a tectonics labelling game!

Play the BBC's Super volcano game

Play Discovery Kids Volcano game - build your own volcano!

Jetpunk - learn those countries

Learn those places with Sheppard's software

Coasts penalty shoot out game from juicy Geography

Play Milking It - it will help you understand world trade

Play some Water Aid games

Ben and Jerry's Global Warming Game, Planet Protectors and Greenhouse gas attack, all contributed by Bethany from Alliance Charter Academy

Play an archaeology game from the CBBC

Play it's a green life from CBBC

Play Extreme animals from the CBBC channel

Go to Ollie's World and join him on an adventure to explore sustainability through games and movies.

Play some renewable energy games

Some global warming games

Play Planet Protectors and guard the world against Global Warming!

Play operation climate control for GCSE level, from DEFRA

Play the identifying rock types games from Geology for Kids