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Rob Gamesby

The goal of this site is to help promote and support students understanding of the fantastic subject of Geography.  Geography can inspire children with awe and helps them to place themselves in our ever changing world.

This site has been written and designed by me, initially to help the students I teach.  The site follows my schemes of work but I have made all of the materials available in the the hope of helping as many people as possible. I firmly believe in the potential of people, and that by sharing freely we can improve the prospects of children through education.

I am not a web designer nor do I claim to be, so if the layout or design isn't to your tastes I'm sorry! Please also consider that I produce this site in my spare time despite having a young family and it not being part of my job role.  It takes a massive amount of time to write the pages and produce many of the images you will find here.

I have been teaching for 15 years, and this site is a challenge for me.  If you do find any errors, please email me and I'll be glad to alter them.  The site has been produced so that the students that I teach can have access to revisions notes, extension materials and the best that the web has to offer for Geography.  If you have a good resource you would like to share, you can email me at


You may have noticed that some areas of the site are incomplete or that some of the links are not yet live.  I will be putting online some of my teaching ideas for people to use, but obviously the students are the priority and I will endeavour to complete those pages first.   Unfortunately some of the free software comes with advertisements, but I have tried to keep these to a minimum to maintain the purity of the site!

Hope you enjoy the site

Rob Gamesby, 6th September 2013

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