Fantastic Places Research and Presentation  task

Welcome to the fantastic places web quest for year 7.  Your task is basically to research and find out about one of the fantastic places that exists on our planet.  We will locate all of these places and some of your information on a Google map, so that you know where all of these places are!

For your fantastic place you will need to produce a presentation that will be made to the rest of the class including;

1) Locate the place, including well labelled maps at a range of scales, including on a world map, and using a paragraph of writing to say where your place is and what is near it.  You should also give the co-ordinates of the place including latitude and longitude.

2) Include information on why the place is fantastic, why are people drawn to the place, what makes it interesting and awe inspiring?  what does it look like, smell like , feel like?

3) Mention the Physical Geography of the place - what is the natural environment of this place like? What is the relief and climate like?

4) Mention the Human Geography of the place - How are humans involved in the place? do they have a positive or negative impact? Do they pose a threat?

Plus lots of visual images!

You can choose from the following list of places or you may have a place of your own you want to study;

 The Great Wall of China
Petra in Jordan
Ayers Rock (Uluru)
The Great Barrier Reef
The Collosseum
Macchu Pichu
Arches National Park
The Pyramids
The Taj Mahal
Red Square
Statue of Christ, Rio
Lake Titicaca
The South Pole
Mauna Loa
Franz Joseph Glacier
Stone Henge

For country profiles and a huge collection of country and world maps visit

Visit for a range of UK maps and aerial photographs

Get a Blank Outline Map for any country

Get climate data for a city near to your fantastic place

View Larger Map

See a brief example