Download and Read the following information about microclimates and answer the questions below (you should collect all of your responses together into a word document);

Starter -

We will watch a clip bank clip on microclimates


1) What is a microclimate?

2) Complete the fishbone diagram below based upon city microclimates.  You can use the information from the sheet you have just read and from this website (BBC information on microclimates) to help you complete it. Please print a copy for you books (you might want to print screen first and then paste the image into your word document)

Click here for full screen version


3) Using the information on Natural microclimates complete then Diamond rank exercise below.

Click here for full screen version


Demonstrate -

4.) On you word document write down and explain as many local microclimates that you can think of, start with your home, school, neighbourhood etc.

5.) How would we measure microclimates around the school?