Power Generation in the British Isles

This is a web quest designed to allow you to explore the positives and negatives of different types of power generation.  There are 2 basic groups of power generation, renewable and non-renewable.  Renewable energy resources can be used over and over again, whilst non renewable resources will eventually run out.  You will research these types of power generation today and we will have a debate in the following 2 lessons on how we should produce energy in the British Isles.


1. Download a copy of the chart for you to fill in. Click here to download the word file.

2. Research the following web sites to complete your table

News round from the BBC - a guide to energy

Department of the environment guide to energy

Energy Quest

3. How should the UK produce its energy? give reasons for your answer and include information from your table.

4. Print a copy of your chart to use next lesson.