The Geography of Conflict

Year 8 web quest

The aims of this web quest are to;

Discover what conflict means

To plot the distribution of current conflicts around the world

To investigate the causes, effects and possible solutions to a current World conflict.


1) Location 2) Casualties 3) The Iraq War 4) Research


1. Open a word document and type in the title "The Geography of conflict".

2. Use this web site to define the term Conflict

3. Copy the world map below and use the online world atlas at this link to add the locations of the current major world conflicts list below to the blank map.


Israel (Arab-Israeli conflict)

Sri Lanka (civil war)

Afghanistan (war)

Sudan (war)

Iraq (war)

Somalia (civil war)

War in North West Pakistan

Mexico (drug war)

Blank world map


4. Once finished describe the DISTRIBUTION (where these paces are within the world) of current World conflicts.


5. Open this excel file and produce a simple bar chart showing how many casualties there have been within each of the conflicts.  

6. Write a paragraph on what the results show - is there a link between the length of the conflict and the umber of casualties? Are there any unusual results? How do you feel about these results?

The Iraq War

7. Read the information at this website and attempt to complete the Venn diagram below.  Use the side bar on the Right to navigate and find out more.

Click here for full screen version



8. If you have finished all of this you can investigate the causes, effects and solutions of a current world conflict of your choice.  Be sure to fully locate the area using a range of maps.