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Year 9 Weathering and Lichens Study

Weathered stone Project instructions
Resources - quick links
Information on weathering, rock types or Lichens
Location map
Data collection sheet
Excel spreadsheet
Weathering dance off video


To explore the local landscape

To apply our knowledge of rocks, weathering and lichens to the local landscape

Your field work for year 9 is to investigate the extent of weathering and the amount of lichens within a local graveyard.  You will follow an enquiry structure, where you must complete the following;
In this section you need to give the reader of your study a good idea of what your study is about and where it will take place.  to do so you will need to state why you are doing the Study, mention where the study will take place including a paragraph and some maps, include 2 questions you will answer and some background information about weathering and lichens.

Watch the weathering dance off video here!

You can get some maps here, and you can find out more about the topic by clicking below;

Weathering Lichens Rock types


This section is all about stating and explaining how you collected the information you needed for your study.

You need to write about exactly how we collected our data whilst in the graveyard.  To do so you will need to do the following;

1) Mention when we went to the grave yard, what the weather was like, where it is, and which headstones you sampled and why

2) Explain fully (with a clear description and reasons why) how we collected each of the following pieces of data:

The stone type

The extent of weathering on the stone

The age of the stone

The distance of the stone from the road

Which side of the stone was weathered the most

The coverage of lichens on the stone

3) How did we select the stones?

4) What problems and limitations are there to our methods? (what are the weaknesses in the way you collected your information?)

You can download a copy of the data collection sheet here and a copy of the Graveyard map here.


You will need to produce 2 graphs based upon the data you collected whilst in the graveyard.  You could do this by hand or on Excel. You will need to ensure that your graphs are appropriate, well labelled and precise, have some originality and are well annotated? Use this spreadsheet to enter your data.

Analysis of graphs

Once you have produced your graphs you will need to write about them.  Consider the following questions as you do this;

Do you describe the patterns on the graphs with examples and numbers?

Do you explain the patterns?

Do you account for any unusual results?


Conclusion and evaluation

To finish off your investigation return to your title question and answer it as fully as possible. Then you need to state how you could improve the data collection and say how you could extend this study.