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Changing Places

Core content Quizlet Revision Resources     The nature and importance of places
The concept of place and the importance of place in human life and experience.

Globalisation & Localisation

Insider and outsider perspectives on place.

Categories of place
Endogenous and Exogenous factors contributing to the character of places:     Changing places – relationships, connections, meaning and representation

Relationships and connections, meaning and representation via 2 place studies  Relationships and connections
The impact of relationships and connections on people and place
Either changing demographic and cultural characteristics
economic change and social inequalities.
How characteristics of places are shaped by shifting flows of people, resources, money and investment, and ideas at all scales from local to global.
The characteristics and impacts of external forces on places
How past and present connections, within and beyond localities, shape places and embed them in regional, national, international and global scales.  Meaning and representation
The importance of the meanings and representations attached to places by people with a particular focus on people's lived experience of place in the past and at present.
• How humans perceive, engage with and form attachments to places and how they present and represent the world to others, including the way in which everyday place meanings are bound up with different identities, perspectives and experiences.
• How external agencies, including government, corporate bodies and community or local groups make attempts to influence or create specific place-meanings and thereby shape the actions and behaviours of individuals, groups, businesses and institutions.
• How places may be represented in a variety of different forms such as advertising copy, tourist agency material, local art exhibitions in diverse media (eg film, photography, art, story, song etc) that often give contrasting images to that presented formally or statistically such as cartography and census data.

• How both past and present processes of development can be seen to influence the social and economic characteristics of places and so be implicit in present meanings.     Place studies
Local place study - High Heaton, Heaton and Byker
Contrasting distant place study - Keswick


Nature and importance of places

Perspectives on place

Categories of place

Endogenous and Exogenous factors

Relationships and connections in places

Meaning and representation

Place representation

Keswick as a Place

Keswick Changes and people

High Heaton, Heaton and Byker as places

Local area changes











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