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Contemporary Urban Environments

Contemporary Urban Environments REVISION     Urbanisation
Urbanisation and its importance in human affairs.
Global patterns of urbanisation since 1945.
Urban Processes
The emergence of megacities and world cities
Urbanisation and urban growth processes
Urban change
Urban Policy in Britain since 1979     Urban forms
Urban characteristics in contrasting settings
Urban forms
Spatial patterns of land use, economic inequality, social segregation and cultural diversity
New urban landscapes     Social and economic issues associated with urbanisation
Social and economic issues of urbanisation
Managing urban social and economic issues     Urban climate
Urban Climates
Urban Air quality
Urban Pollution reduction policies.     Urban drainage
Water in Urban areas including hydrographs.
Issues associated with catchment management in urban areas.
The development of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).
River restoration and conservation in damaged urban catchments     Urban waste and its disposal
Urban physical waste generation
Relation of waste components and waste streams to economic characteristics, lifestyles and attitudes.
The environmental impacts of alternative approaches to waste disposal
Comparison of incineration and landfill approaches to waste disposal in relation to a specified urban area.     Other contemporary urban environmental issues
Environmental problems in contrasting urban areas: atmospheric pollution, water pollution and dereliction.
Strategies to manage these environmental problems.     Sustainable urban development
Impact of urban areas on local and global environments & Ecological footprint of major urban areas.
Dimensions of sustainability
Nature and features of sustainable cities & Concept of liveability.
Contemporary opportunities and challenges in developing more sustainable cities.
Strategies for developing more sustainable cities.     Case studies
Newcastle upon Tyne

Contemporary Urban Environments REVISION



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