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Water and Carbon Cycles

Core content Revision

Systems in Water and Carbon Cycles The water cycle
Global distribution & size major stores of water
Processes driving change in the magnitude of water stores over time and space.
Drainage basins as open systems
Concept of water balance.
Runoff variation and the flood hydrograph.
Changes in the water cycle over time The carbon cycle
Global distribution, and size of major stores of carbon
Factors driving change in the magnitude of Carbon stores over time and space
Changes in the carbon cycle over time
The carbon budget and the impact of the carbon cycle upon land, ocean and atmosphere, including global climate. Water, carbon, climate and life on Earth
Role of the carbon and water stores and cycles in supporting life on Earth
Relationship between the water cycle and carbon cycle in the atmosphere.
The role of feedbacks within and between cycles and their link to climate change and implications for life on Earth.
Human interventions in the carbon cycle. Case studies
1. Case study of a tropical rainforest
2. Case study of a river catchment(s) at a local scale

Quizlet revision sets

Systems in water and carbon Cycles

Stores in the water cycle

Magnitude of flows and stores in water cycle

Drainage Basins


Factors affecting the water cycle over time

Carbon Cycles

Major stores of Carbon

Changes in the stores of carbon

Human and physical factors affecting the stores of carbon

Effects of the changing carbon budget

Human interventions in the Carbon Cycle

Role of carbon and water in supporting life

Amazon Case study

Drainage Basin case study

All Quizlets created by my Year 13 class - well done and thanks!!!!




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