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UIC - Lagos Causes of growth

4.3.2 Causes of growth: natural increase and migration

Lagos is hugely important to Nigeria, but there are large differences in the quality of life between the 2.
Contrasts between Lagos state and Nigeria

Contrasts between Lagos and Nigeria

The population of Lagos has increased incredibly, as can be seen on the graph below.  The issue that Lagos has is that despite its incredible wealth by Nigerian  standards, it still has a huge number of people living in shanty towns or slums, together with all of the associated environmental and social problems these areas have.

Lagos_Population _Growth

1. Migration - Lagos experienced an influx of over 7 million people from 1990 to 2004 with many of these from other poor regions.  The migration was driven by rural push factors and urban pull factors.


2. Natural increase – the population of Lagos is increasing naturally, with significantly more births than deaths (due to high birth rates) every year.  Lagos also has a very young population, so natural increase will continue to add population every year. In fact, over half of the population in Lagos is under the age of 25!

Birth and death rates Nigeria
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