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Living World - Rates of Deforestation

Forest Cover Change

% Forest Cover

As can be seen above the main continents where tropical forests can be found are those that are experiencing the loss of tropical rainforest cover.  Forests are being lost across South America, Africa and Oceania.  Locations with temperate forests like the UK, having experienced centuries of deforestation, are now afforesting and expanding their forest cover.

Rainforest destruction rates over time
Over the past 3 centuries rates of tropical rainforest deforestation have been variable.  As can be seen above deforestation increased from 1700 to 1979 in tropical areas, and although deforestation is still occurring, the AMOUNT of deforestation is in decline.
In addition, in many countries there is less deforestation happening as shown below.  However, in some tropical countries the rate of deforestation is increasing rapidly as those countries use their forest resources.  Indonesia has seen the greatest increase, as they replace forests with palm oil plantations.  This has threatened the Orang-utan.

Rainforest destruction by country

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