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GCSE - Revision Zone

Resources to help you revise for your tests and assessments

Quizlet sets


Unit 1

Challenge of Natural Hazards Physical landscapes in the UK The Living World

Background to hazards
Type of Hazard 
Hazards Photo Exercise
Factors Affecting Hazard Risk

Tectonic Hazards
Global Distribution of Tectonic Hazards
Plate Boundaries
Case studies - Haiti      Kobe
Why live in tectonic areas?
Reducing Tectonic Risk

EXTRA - background to volcanoes and earthquakes

Atmospheric Hazards

Global Atmospheric Circulation
Tropical Storms - what and why
Climate Change and Tropical Storms
Typhoon Haiyan

UK Weather Hazards

UK Weather hazards
UK Extreme weather
UK Storm Case Study - St Jude
Evidence for Climate Change
Causes of Climate Change
Managing Climate Change

OPTION 1 - Coastal environments

Wave characteristics.
Wave diagram annotation ex.

Coastal processes.
Erosion Landforms

Deposition Landforms - Sand dunes    Beaches and spits
Coastal Management
Holderness Coastline

OPTION 2- River or Fluvial environments

River Landforms Images
River Valleys and long profiles
River Processes
River Erosion Landforms
River Deposition Landforms
Hydrographs Terms
Hydrographs Images
Flood Factors
Flood Management
Morpeth Flood Mngmt
River Tees Example &Mngmt

OPTION 3 - Glacial Environments (not for ST MARYS)

UK Glacial Landscapes
Glacial Processes
Glacial Landforms Images
Glacial Erosion Landforms
Glacial Deposition Landforms
The Lake District - UK Glacial Landscape
Glaciated Uplands & Economic Activity
Lake District and Tourism

Background to ecosystems
Distribution of ecosystems.

Tropical rainforests
Tropical Rainforest Characteristics
Impacts of Deforestation
Rates of Deforestation
Amazon Case Study
Sustainable Forest Management

Hot deserts
Characteristics of Hot Deserts
Plant & animal adaptation -Deserts
Opportunities & Challenges -Deserts
Desertification Strategies

Cold environments (Not for ST MARYS)

Cold environments characteristics
Plant and animal adaptations
CE development issues
Tundra - Alaska & Northern Canada
Risks from economic development


Unit 2

Urban Issues and Challenges Changing Economic World Challenge of Resource Management
Global Patterns of urban change
Factors affecting urbanisation and megacities

MUMBAI CASE STUDY: a major city in an LIC or NEE showing:
Mumbai, location & Importance
Mumbai, causes of growth
Mumbai, social and economic opportunities
Mumbai - SEE Challenges
Mumbai, Improving Urban areas

UK overview of urban areas
LONDON case study of a major city in the UK showing:
London - Location & Importance
London - Growth
London - SEE Opportunities
London - SEE Challenges
London - Regeneration

Sustainability in Urban areas
Urban Transport Strategies

Measures of development
Development classifications
Causes of uneven development
Consequences of uneven development.
Demographic Transition Model and development.
Reducing the global development gap.
Tourism in Kenya

A case study of NIGERIA (a LICs or NEEs)

Location and importance of Nigeria
Changing industrial structure of Nigeria
Transnational corporations (TNCs)
Political and trading relationships 
International aid
The debt crisis and debt relief
Economic development & quality of life

Major changes in the economy of the UK

Causes of economic change in the UK
Impacts of industry on the physical environment.
The North–South divide in the UK
The place of the UK in the wider world.
Resources and human development.

Global inequalities & resources.

Resources in the UK create opportunities and challenges – AN OVERVIEW
Changing food demand
Food supply Issues

Water supply& demand
Water quality and pollution management


The changing energy mix
Reduced domestic supplies
Issues with exploitation of energy sources.

OPTION -  Food

Global patterns 
Increasing food consumption
Factors affecting food supply
Impacts of food insecurity

Strategies to increase food supply
Almeria Spain: an example of a large scale agricultural development

The potential for sustainable food supplies

Sustainable supplies of food in Bangladesh – an example.




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