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Cool Geography subscription area

About the cool geography subscription area

Exclusive Teacher Subscription area WRITTEN for the NEW AQA (but also covering MOST of Edexcel content too) GCSE Geography syllabus 2016 featuring;
  1. Full schemes of work for all topics
  2. Detailed Individual Lesson PowerPoints and resources to cover all syllabus content linking to schemes of work
  3. Assessments & Mark schemes for all units based on AQA samples
  4. A free E-book for student revision and homework activities - NO NEED FOR AN EXPENSIVE TEXTBOOK - unlike a book it will also be updated ANNUALLY. You can GIVE YOUR STUDENTS pdf copies of the book
  5. Lessons follow FREE website content for your students (on the new improved coolgeography)
  6. Lesson materials cover a huge range of learning styles
  7. Revision materials for every topic

    ONLINE NOW!!! Request an Invoice -

See inside the members area below

SAMPLES - Lesson PowerPoint,   Partial SchemeAssessment,   Book section

ONLINE NOW!!! Request an Invoice -

Only £250

6 of 6 Units online NOW - resources for The Challenge of Natural Environments, Physical Environments in the UK, The Living World, Urban Issues and Challenges and The Changing Economic World. Hundreds of lessons and a book that already stretches to 200+ pages with activities.

To register  - watch the video below or click on login on the menu bar, click register, enter your details, login, pay £250 via PayPal or request an invoice via email, wait for confirmation and you will have access to the online resources.




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