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 "Hi Rob, Only just started to look through your resources for the new GCSE. They are amazing! Best £150 I ever spent. I feel a huge weight lifting off my shoulders. Thank you very much!!" Martin Webster, Thornden School

“I have just had a gander at your resources - they look amazing. Huge respect and appreciation to you for creating and sharing such resources! I look forward to using them later this year as we start the new GCSE! You have saved myself and my department hundreds of hours” Margaret Williams, Lostock Hall High

"..very much enjoying use of your resources - we have found your work an excellent starting point. ...practical, skills based activities that really got the boys thinking" Mr Sampson, Harrow School

"Dear Rob, On behalf of CSIA Geography department, I would just like to express immense gratitude for the ‘joy’ we are feeling having recently subscribed to the website.  The resources are, quite frankly, outstanding and have aided our planning for the GCSE no end.  The variety of graphs/case studies and clips you have provided are stimulating and rich; we have just been oohing and aahing about a graph showing migration to and from London within the UK!  We would have had to spend hours trawling the net to find these materials. Thank you so much, let’s just hope our students appreciate the quality of resources as much as we do!"   Philippa (teacher of Geography CSIA)

"If you teach any Geography at all-you need this subscription! Detailed and  meticulously follows exam spec, Case studies are up to date and engaging.  Save yourself hundreds of hours of work. You'd be mad not to sign up." Mrs Suzanne Dawson, Head of Geography, Park View Learning

"Fantastic value for money, considering the breadth and depth of resources available. Widely differentiated resources allow all pupils to access the new GCSE Curriculum, Cool geography has provided me with a network of Geography teachers to share resources and ideas." Mr Joe Woodhams, Head of Geography, St Benet Biscop High School

"Thanks for your supreme effort in producing this extensive set of resources Rob!" Rhys Williams, Stewards Academy

"Thank you Rob. I've had a quick look and you have managed to produce some excellent material. Looking forward to seeing the living world and changing economic world assessments when completed. You have clearly invested huge amounts of time and effort - well done" Richard Lamerton

"I do LOVE your website! I’ve been directing students to it for years as we have always studied the same topics/exam board as you. I’ve just got back from maternity leave and was NOT looking forward to the planning of the new spec, you’ve made my job easy. THANK YOU!"  Jenny Rowley, CCSC

"Just a quick note to say that the resources you have provided are a great resource for use with our students. Especially useful to see your interpretation of the specification and what key elements actually are. Particularly how closely matched we have been.

The e-textbook resource is of particular use for students to revise from and support their learning.

I am most impressed by the assessment materials and your interpretation of the sample assessments. This is the most useful aspect from my perspective and has given a great idea of progress from students and clear spread across the 90 students in the cohort. The skills based elements are both engaging and adequately challenging." Chris Jesson, Head of Geography, Gravesend Grammar School

"Your website is amazing!! Thank you so much – definately worth the £150!!!" Stacey Hurrell, Kingswinford School, Dudley

"Many thanks. My initial look at your materials  has me full of admiration. How did you find the time? This will prove an excellent resource. Regards"  Des Coltman, Thornton College in Buckinghamshire.

"Dear Rob, thank you so much for all your hard work putting together the Cool Geography website and now the gigantic and fantastic new members area (we are very happy subscribers). I know you must have put a huge amount of time and effort into all of it, and we really do appreciate it – you have made our lives a LOT easier!" Jenny Duckworth, Harrogate Grammar

"I love your resources, they're amazing. " Marie Nevard, English College, Dubai

"We have bought into this and it's an amazing starting point. Literally every lesson with resources, SOW's, written notes like a book... Must have taken him so long to put it all together. It's good quality stuff." Nicki Talbot

"It (the resources area) really is a time-saver. Much appreciated by all our dept, and worth the money. Thanks!" Andrew Boardman

"After using the Cool Geography website for years in lessons; yesterday I bought the AQA resource pack for the new GCSE. I already feel less stressed - it is going to save me SO much time and energy. It is thorough, detailed and has everything you need. Many thanks for all your hard work Rob!" Letty Peppiatt, Forest Farm School

"We look forward to seeing all your new ideas and resources! They have been fab!" Fiona, Tewkesbury School




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