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Year 7 - Homework -Tectonics

Year 7 Tectonics Homework Menu

Starters  -20 minutes each

1.       Find out and make a list of the names of all of the Earth’s tectonic plates
2.       Annotate a diagram of a constructive plate margin with full labels, using as many key Geography terms as possible - Help sheet
3.       Find examples of places that have had earthquakes at 6,7 and 8 magnitudes on the Richter scale, write down what impacts/effects those earthquakes had.

Main dishes -45 minutes each

4.       Produce a full written explanation on "why did so many people (such as Mrs Endo) die in  the Kobe Earthquake on January 17th 1995?"
- The task sheet (this includes LEVEL descriptors),
- Information sheets including the information slips,
- Use this Writing Frame to gain the lower levels
5.       Complete fully the Tectonics odd one out exercise - Task sheet here
6.       Create a newspaper article on a made up eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 2015, use the guidance sheet and add maps and images -

Task sheet and writing frame

7.  Complete a living diagram using a seismograph image of an earthquake - Get the task sheet here

Desserts – 30 minutes each

8.       Design a plan to monitor Mount Vesuvius, including 3 methods used to monitor volcanoes
9.  Make up a “get the picture” for the term “plate margin” or “After shock” - See example and help sheet
10.       Make a 3D model volcano, to include key features such the vent, side cone, magma chamber.
11.   Complete the Venn diagram to show the economic, social and environmental impacts of the Kobe earthquake - The Venn Diagram is here!

Today’s Special – 2 hours

12.   Create a resource that will help students to revise this unit – it could be a story board, a Prezi, a Movie Maker film, some flashcards, a mind map, a song etc.



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