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Year 7 - Tectonics

Starters - 20 minutes each

  1.  Find out and make a list of the names of all of the Earth’s tectonic plates
  2. Annotate a diagram of a constructive plate margin with full labels, using as many key Geography terms as possible - Help sheet
  3. Find examples of places that have had earthquakes at 6,7 and 8 magnitudes on the Richter scale, write down what impacts/effects those earthquakes had.

Main dishes - 45 minutes each

  1. Produce a full written explanation on "why did so many people (such as Mrs Endo) die in  the Kobe Earthquake on January 17th 1995?"
  2. Complete fully the Tectonics odd one out exercise - Task sheet here
  3. Create a newspaper article on a made up eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 2015, use the guidance sheet and add maps and images - Task sheet and writing frame
  4. Complete a living diagram using a seismograph image of an earthquake - Get the task sheet here

Desserts - 30 minutes each

  1. Design a plan to monitor Mount Vesuvius, including 3 methods used to monitor volcanoes
  2. Make up a “get the picture” for the term “plate margin” or “After shock” - See example and help sheet
  3. Make a 3D model volcano, to include key features such the vent, side cone, magma chamber.
  4. Complete the Venn diagram to show the economic, social and environmental impacts of the Kobe earthquake - The Venn Diagram is here!

Today’s Special - 2 hours

  1. Create a resource that will help students to revise this unit – it could be a story board, a Prezi, a Movie Maker film, some flashcards, a mindmap, a song etc



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