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Year 9 - Homework

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Starters  - Something basic 20 minutes each

1.     Human Risks – Complete the Newcastle Crime figures task
2.     Research one hazard that has affected the UK in the past – include 1/2 a side of notes.
3.     Research & find out about one Tropical storm event and complete the Venn Diagram
4.     Find out the names of Tropical storms across the world and how we classify tropical storms

Main dishes – writing and numbers! 45 minutes each

5.     Write a newspaper report on a hazard that has affected the United Kingdom, such as the winter of 2010-11, including what caused the event, the impacts it had what was done to respond to the hazard - Newspaper report template
6.     Write a 3 day diary extract on what it would be like to live through a hurricane – your passage should include what it was like before, during and after the event and where you were - Diary template
7.     Produce a gap minder graph for any 2 human indicators and describe the pattern on it

Desserts – Something creative 30 minutes each

8.     Create a plan for eradicating HIV and AIDS in Africa
9.     Make up Geography Get the Pictures for the following terms: “Human Risks”, “Natural Hazard”, and “Hurricane Katrina” - How to do it and what they look like!
10.   Create a political cartoon that has a strong message about HIV and AIDs in Africa - Examples and help here

Today’s Special – Homework Levelled assessment – over 1 hour

Write up the Hurricane Katrina Mystery on Why Randal died - Use these resources on this webpage to help you



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