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Year 9 - Risky Earth - Research

This is the Year 9 Natural Hazards research page, which will support you whilst you conduct your research into a natural hazard of your choice.  The end result of this research will be a presentation to the rest of your class group about your hazard. 

A natural hazard can be defined as;
"Any natural event which has the potential to cause damage and destruction to human lives and possessions"

You can study any natural hazard you like, and can choose any natural or human hazard.

For each hazard you will need to include the following information;

  1. A description of what the hazard is
  2. An explanation of how the hazard is created
  3. Some location information on where the hazard occurs - including maps at a range of scales
  4. The impact of the hazard on people, the environment and the economy
  5. Some factual data about the hazard - you could go for Hazard Records here (fastest wind, largest eruption etc)
  6. Examples of places that have suffered from the hazard
  7. What can be done to prevent or limit the damage from the hazard.
  8. References - you will need to give credit for any books or web sites you use in  your research.

Your presentation can take ANY format providing it covers the points above.  In the past students have completed PowerPoint's, produced and presented websites, made videos, produced posters and made news broadcasts.

For the research think about the big 6;

1. Task Definition: What needs to be done?
2. Information Seeking Strategies: What resources can I use?
3. Location and Access: Where can I find these resources?
4. Use of Information: What can I use from these resources?
5. Synthesis: What can I make to finish the job?
6. Evaluation: How will I know I did my job well?




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