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Year 9 - Risky Earth - Hurricanes where

Hurricanes occur in a band that lies roughly between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and despite varying wind speeds are ferocious storms. Some storms can form just outside of the tropics, but in general the distribution (location) of these storms is controlled by the places where sea temperatures rise above 27°C.

The highest number of storms do not occur in the Atlantic close to the USA, but in the North Pacific affecting countries such as the Philippines and Japan. This is despite the fact that in the UK we only really get to hear about tropical storms affecting the USA. The most affected area being South East Asia receives an average of 26 storms per year. The least affected area is India where there is an average of 2 tropical storms per year.
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1. Describe the global distribution of tropical storms using the map at the base of the page (from the Earth Observatory))
2. Why do Tropical storms occur in these locations

3. GIS – Track the hurricanes!  Any hurricane anywhere in the world
4. Try the game below



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